Photos of G.V. Desani

This page displays photos of G.V. Desani across the decades including pictures taken in Great Britain, Holland, India, the United States and possibly Australia. Snapshots from his bungalow in Austin, Texas, and a favorite cat, are also included.

Desani himself was an accomplished photographer. Some of his photos were showcased at the London Salon of Photography.

London, April 7, 1945

IDs of participants, handwritten by Desani.

With a close friend, in the shadow of the Matterhorn, Swiss Alps.

Portrait bust by Hungarian-Dutch potter and sculptor Judith Magdalena Laqueur-Revesz (1915-2018). Later cast in bronze and exhibited in Amsterdam. Photo: Louis Van Beurden, Amsterdam.

Shown with the daughter of a family friend, May, 1956, Kandala, India. Photo taken w/ Desani's homemade big box camera.

Addressing the Bombay Rotary Club (Mumbai, India),

early 1950s, after returning to India from the UK.

Book jacket, All About H. Hatterr, 1970.

Photo: Stephen Greenberg.

With Boston University students, 1980.

Austin, Texas (1994)

Snapshots from G.V. Desani's Austin Bungalow

Snowball, an honored guest